Jules Vincent Rosen is the director of the Dallas Untold project. She specializes in project management, media production, UI design, front-end web dev, and visual design. She is also the creator of this website.

Jules will be graduating in May 2021 with a BA in design and production and a minor in Spanish from UT Dallas. She’s currently preparing for the CAPM project management certification exam and teaching herself Python. She would love to Zoom-call you and talk about UI design, communication, and creative project management opportunities.


Haley Ziomek is the director of the Dallas Untold project. She specializes in video production, writing for TV, video editing, public speaking, and all things entertainment.

Haley is graduating in December 2020 with a BA in media studies and a minor in Latin American Studies from UT Dallas. She’s currently applying to grad schools and is planning on moving to Scottsdale, Arizona upon graduation. She would love to Skype-call you and talk about the entertainment industry, film, and journalism positions.

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Hi! We’re the creators of the Dallas Untold project, Jules Vincent Rosen and Haley Ziomek. We are both undergraduate students in our senior year at the University of Texas at Dallas, and we’d love to network and talk about Dallas Untold, job opportunities, or simply make connections!

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